CityLife Complex - Milan
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CityLife is a residential, commercial and business district under construction not far from the old city centre of Milan, involving an area of 36.6 ha. The project is designed by the famous architects Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki and Daniel Libeskind.

General project and layout

The project involves the construction of three skyscrapers, with dedicated areas for offices, stores, restaurants and services. The luxury residential area covers about 164,000 square metres, with around 1,300 apartments (housing about 4,500 people).

In addition, more than 50% of the available area, 170,000 square metres are dedicated to green spaces. There are also underground parking spaces for around 7,000 vehicles.

Further to the existing public transportation network, the CityLife area is served by a new extension of the metro line 5, with a dedicated station at the centre of the Piazza Tre Torri.

CityLife Complex

The Major European Redevelopment Project

Allianz Tower – Milan

Il Dritto is currently one of the tallest buildings in Italy.

The tower is composed by 8 modules by 6 floors each one. The facade of the module is composed by a triple glass unit slightly curved to outside.

Elevations of the short sides are fully glazed and show the mechanical series of six panoramic lifts going up and down to the various floors of the building.

logo leedIl Dritto, The Straight One
Status: Complete
Type: Mixed use
Construction started: 2012
Opening: 2015
Height (Roof): 207 m – 247 m (with broadcast antenna)
Floors: 50
Total floor area: about 53,000 m²

Allianz Tower – Milan
Generali Tower

Generali Tower – Milan

The geometry of the building is that of a warping shape, where both the floors dimension and their orientation vary along the tower axis.

Due to the specific form-dependent deformation effects, a highly sophisticated stage analysis both for construction and long term effects has been effected. A steel, free form podium for commercial use surrounds the base of the building.

Lo Storto, The Twisted One
Status: Under constructionlogo leed
Type: Mixed use
Construction started: 2014
Opening: 2017
Height (Roof): 170 m
Floors: 44 (+ 3 floors basement)
Total floor area: about 67,000 m²

PwC Tower – Milan

Situated between Il Dritto and Lo Storto, Il Curvo slopes in toward its counterparts and the Piazza Tre Torri below.

The curved tower’s facade is made of sustainable, state of the art glass, that will reflect the public space below and vistas around.

logo leedIl Curvo, The Curved One
Status: Under construction
Type: Mixed use
Construction started: 2015
Opening: 2018
Height (Roof): 175 m
Floors: 28
Total floor area : about 76,000 m²

PwC Tower
CityLife Shopping District - Milan

CityLife Shopping District – Milan

CityLife Shopping District, located above Tre Torri station, integrates a public park with indoor and outdoor piazzas, food hall, cafes, restaurants, shops and cinema as well as facilities for health and wellbeing.

The project is part of the urban recovery and redevelopment plan for the former Milan Trade Fair district and involved the construction of a podium structure joining the Generali-Hadid Tower that rises above it

With its 32,000 m², it’s the largest shopping centre in Italy. CityLife represents also one of Europe’s largest redevelopment projects. It includes 1,000 new homes, offices for almost 10,000 staff, the new 42-acre park, piazzas and kindergarten.

The project is part of the urban recovery and redevelopment plan for the former Milan Trade Fair district and involved the construction of a podium structure joining the Generali-Hadid Tower that rises above it

Defined by the three axes of the city that converge within CityLife, the shopping district’s composition continues the geometries of the Generali Tower.

Bamboo flooring (which is extremely durable and can be procured in a large quantity from sustainable sources), ceiling and columns welcome visitors to the shopping district’s interior.

The 90-acre CityLife redevelopment opens the old trade fair of Milan grounds to year-round civic use and integrates the new public park with Milan’s most extensive pedestrian zone, creating the largest new public space in the city.

Designed and constructed to reduce energy consumption and emissions, the projects within CityLife have received LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

logo leedCityLife Shopping District
Status: Complete
Type: Shoppind District
Construction started: 2015
Opening: 2017
Total floor area : about 32,000 m²

CityLife Residential Complex – Milan

Situated in the south-west part of the CityLife area, the residences designed by Daniel Libeskind are composed of five buildings offering a wide range of possibilities from one-bed apartments to double-height penthouses.

The residences are Class A certified (Italian Protocol CENED Class A – 28.5 kWh/m2/yr)

logo leedLibeskind Residences
Status: Conplete
Type: Residential
Date: 2006 – 2010
Building area: 38,000 m²
Land area: 21,500 m²
Built area: 150,000 m²
Max height: 59 m

CityLife Residences - Milan