To interpret and meet our Client’s specific needs with technical solutions that integrate Functionality, Safety and Comfort with Sustainability and Energy issues of our time: this is the mission of Manens-Tifs.

To attain this objective, the integrated building design is an essential prerequisite for a cost-effective approach.

The building is no longer seen as a passive container of systems and technologies, rather it is a single organism in which each building component has an active role in the building’s end result, reinforcing the integration of “architecture - services - sustainability”.

The new approach required, on the one hand, the development of new skills and, on the other, the use of state-of-the-art software simulation tools enabling the early assessment and optimization of complex systems.

Thanks to our specific skills and holistic approach, we are now recognised as leaders in the fields of Sustainability and Energy applied to the building sector. This continues the philosophy that, for forty years, has characterized the work of the companies merged to form Manens-Tifs, for whom “designing” also means “promoting” a new culture both inside and outside the firm.