Manens-Tifs is mostly an employee-owned company, where key people are also partners, emphasizing the  importance we place on human resources and their full involvement in corporate life.

Our company structure also includes academics such as Professors Alberto Cavallini and Roberto Zecchin ensuring that Manens-Tifs maintains a close liason with the world of academic research.

Dott.Gaetano Viero Chairman

Ing. Massimo Bizzaro Senior MEP Designer

Ing. Dino Boni Technical Director

Ing. Massimo Cadorin Technical Director

Ing. Giorgio Marchioretti Technical Director

P.I. Fabrizio Mozzato Quality Assurance

Ing. Ugo Piubello Technical Director

Ing. Viliam Stefanutti Technical Director

Ing. Fabio Viero Technical Director

Prof. Roberto Zecchin Scientific Advisor

Ing.Giorgio Finotti Managing Director

Ing. Adileno Boeche Technical Director

Ing. Andrea Boscolo Senior MEP Designer

Prof. Alberto Cavallini Scientific Advisor

P.I. Giorgio Montresor Senior MEP Designer

P.I. Lino Pasquale Senior MEP Designer

P.I. Paolo Sette Construction Manager

Ing. Andrea Viero Management Control