• Acoustics
  • Lighting Design
  • CFD Simulation
  • Energy Simulation
  • Lighting & Daylighting Simulation
  • Acoustic Simulation
  • Green Building Consulting
  • Sustainability Consulting, Planning & Management
  • LEED┬« Consulting
  • BREEAM Consulting
  • ITACA┬« Consulting


Environmental impact assessment and certification of sustainability are key elements of the new approach to integrated planning. The application of certification systems to rate the level of sustainability of the built environment, such as LEED®, BREEAM and ITACA (Italian National Rating System) represents a shared strategy and effective way to demonstrate the achievement of high standards of environmental performance.

Manens-Tifs is able to provide specific services for LEED Certification Process, such as Documentation and Administration , Commissioning, Energy and Daylight modeling. 

The team LEED of Manens Tifs consists of professional figures such as Commissioning Authorities, Energy and Daylight  modeling  specialists and LEED® AP™  (Accredited Professional) with multiple specialities.

Manens-Tifs  is able to provide  BREEAM services as well, and in currently involved  in the certification process of certification of a retail building in Italy.

Manens-Tifs has specific skills and experience on the Italian Green Building Certification System, called ITACA and is able to provide specific consultancy by means  figures such as ITACA  Accredited Professional.


Manens-Tifs is able to offer  lighting design services  and has developed a specific set of skills and expertise.


Manens-Tifs has a team of highly qualified acoustics professionals and advanced simulation software to identify cost-effective solutions to the most complex acoustic challenges.