Our Padova facility, situated in Corso Stati Uniti and opened in May 2004, embodies the core concepts which inspire our actions and working method: integrated design and multidisciplinary approach. The firm’s engineering background prompted us to experiment innovative technological systems, promoting integration between building envelope and systems, between natural and artificial lighting systems, creating a full-scale experimental laboratory. Our Via Campofiore offices in Verona are located in a historic 17th-century building, which has been renovated some years ago by Manens Intertecnica, now partner of Manens-Tifs. The two main buildings represent the characteristics of Manens-Tifs that our client have come to recognise for more than 40 years: technical excellence, the ability to innovate, respect for culture and for humanistic values, reliability of our people and of our design solutions.

Headquarters of Padova

  • Corso Stati Uniti n.56, 35127 – Padova
    Phone: +39 049 8705110
    Fax: +39 049 6988201
    E-Mail: padova@manens-tifs.it
Sede Padova Manens TIFS001

Headquarters of Verona

  • Via Campofiore 21 – 37129 Verona
    Phone: +39 045 8036100
    Fax: +39 045 8033954
    E-Mail: verona@manens-tifs.it
Sede Manens Verona

Ship Business Unit

Sede Via Lisbona Manens Tifs