University Campus Novara
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University Campus ex Caserma Perrone

Place: Novara
Customer: Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale Amedeo Avogadro
Architect: Arch. Lamberto Rossi, ODB Architects, Arch. Roberto Cagnoni
Year: 2006
Surface: 14.000 m²

The 18th century military barrak ‘Sabauda del Perrone’ are integrated with new buildings to create a modern university campus in the historic centre of Novara. The design conjugates the research for a modern and technologically advanced architecture with the attention to refurbishment of the existing buildings and to the environmental value of the surrounding area.

Principles of  sustainable design are used throughout the project integrating the containment of the building energy needs with the use of highly efficient energy systems. A single system using heat pumps is used to produce both heating and cooling energy thus reducing investment costs.

The heat exchange with ground water creates a very efficient system producing 35% savings in annual energy costs and 45% less global CO2 emissions with respect to a traditional system with gas-fired boilers and air coolers.


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